Prevention and Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes with Insulin Analog Molecules

Diamune specializes in the development and production of innovative IgG Fc-Fusion insulin analogs. Meticulously engineered to mitigate and prevent autoimmune diabetes via immune modulation, Diamune also houses a “once-a-week” Ultra Long-Acting Insulin to elevate standards of diabetes management.

Diamune Pipeline

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T1D Prevention/Intervention
Inactive insulin antigen Fc analog to interrupt insulin-specific autoimmunity
Indication: T1D Prevention/Intervention

AKS-107 is an Fc-insulin fusion protein designed to interrupt the process leading to insulin autoimmunity. Diamune Therapeutics, Inc. has licensed this patent from Akston Biosciences Corporation to continue the development that was begun with a partnership with the Helmsley Charitable Trust and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the early development stages.

Patent Info
Once-a-Week Insulin T1D (+ T2D)
Ultra long-acting insulin Fc analog
Indication: Once-a-Week Insulin T1D (+ T2D)

AKS-440 is a novel human insulin candidate based on an Fc-fusion protein platform, intended to be a once-a-week injectable diabetes therapy. Diamune Therapeutics, Inc. has licensed this patent from Akston Biosciences Corporation to continue the development of this therapy. It is currently in pre-clinical development.

Patent Info

Ambifect® Vaccine Fc-fusion Analogs

AKS-107: Human Type 1 Diabetes Prevention and AKS-440: Human Weekly Insulin



Product Information

AKS-107: an immunotherapeutic for Type 1 Diabetes Prevention

AKS-440: Once-a-week injectable insulin for treating human diabetes


Partnering with Diamune:

A Call for Collaboration and Investment

We believe in the power of collaboration to drive scientific breakthroughs and enhance patient outcomes.

At Diamune, we are committed to revolutionizing diabetes care through our innovative Fc-Fusion insulin analogs. As we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in diabetes management, we seek strategic partnerships and investments to accelerate our mission. We invite investors, research institutions, and healthcare companies to join us in this journey. 

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